Windows application development for a leading service provider in Hong Kong

Client is a leading service provider having in-depth experience in various fields including manufacturing, value adding distribution, solution integration and system design. They understand that, as the era of full digitalization of the surveillance system comes, effective deployment of advance information technologies to support the ever increasing demand from different sectors, becoming a challenge to everyone in the security and surveillance industry, end-user, contractor, installer and solution integrators. They also aim to provide professional consultation, support and services, to help their resellers to face this challenge together.


The client wanted to develop an application to trigger the alarm in milestone smart client that captures the snapshot. Since the organization has more than 250 zones of manufacturing unit, there are n-number of serial ports attached. Our solution should the data in hexadecimal format from all configured ports where each port corresponds to specific zones. At the same time without missing any specific bytes from all ports is highly demanded for real-time usage.

What We Did

ANGLER studied the client’s business process and their requirements clearly. Based upon the study, ANGLER developed a windows-based application that helps to raise the alarm in smart client using multi-threading for multiple ports. Our solutions were implemented in such a way using multi-threading so that system resources are well-handled along with effective usage of memory to handle the alarm trigger

Technologies Used

C# 4.0 & SQL Server 2008 R2

  • Alarm will be triggered for any event configured in the Milestone Server which includes active/passive motion sensors, an auto-dialer functions for improving security of the organization.
  • Alarm system can handle intrusion, handle fire, safety alarms simultaneously.
  • Efficiency of burglar alarms depends on the zone triggered, number of zones, time of the day and other aspects installed within the monitoring system. These systems can initiate various actions or can be instructed to call the police department, fire department and ambulances immediately.
  • Alarm systems are attached to a video surveillance system helps monitoring instantly played on a remote monitor.
  • Supports multi-zone areas with multiple camera for tracking when alarm is triggered.
  • Multi-port data reading can be enabled at the same time to trigger alarm without any delay from various zones from various serial ports in real time with varying range of requests from alarm system in adequate level.
  • Effective utilization of live application is highly cost effective. Further, multi-port enhancement provided an option to add any number of zones and ports without any configuration as and when required has helped the client to continue the usage of existing system.

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