Warehouse management system development


Client is a non-profit organization in Hong Kong serving people for more than 85 years and they were dedicated to support the people in need in Hong Kong.


Client requirement was the proposed system is a Warehouse Management System. Which is to streamline the activities that are carried out in their organization and to track on the inventory. RFID handhelds were used for inventory process and stock taking.

What We Did

We at ANGLER developed the warehouse management system that helped the client to view their inventory details with the below given features to gain detailed stock information

Stock in

Stock in is used to create new item stock in transaction with details for binding RFID number by RFID USB reader.

Stock out

Stock out is used to create an item stock out list and remove item from in-stock list with the help of RFID handheld reader.

Stock Transfer

The stocks are transferred from one location to other location.

Report and Analysis

Sale reports with graphical presentation.

Stock take

Accurate stock taking using RFID handheld.

Stock Searching

Stock searching is used to search the targeted item location by reading signal between RFID tag and the RFID handheld reader


  • Updated stock details
  • Easy data extraction
  • Instant notifications to the respective stakeholders
  • Stock selection can be made easily with item name, item code, item type etc.

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