Wall-plugin development for a leading surveillance industry in Hong Kong

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Client’s requirement was to view videos from different channels with instant responsiveness.

What We Did

We @ ANGLER studied and developed the MIP Plugin which is most compatible with all XPCO servers available, which helps to view videos with instant responsiveness. The development solution followed master-slave architecture.

The Master server (control part) can do 

  • Smart Wall Configuration.
  • Create Presets for Smart Wall.
  • Design Layout for Smart Wall
  • Smart Wall Monitor configuration.
  • Create View & Set Camera's for Smart Wall Monitor Presets.

The slave (client part) has ability to do                                                    

  • Display Smart Wall(s) and its Monitor(s)
  • Display Smart Wall Presets and Layouts
  • Display Milestone View(s)
  • Remove Camera from Smart Wall Monitor
  • Clear Smart Wall Monitor view layout
  • Change Smart Wall Monitor view layout
  • Send Smart Wall view layout to Primary display or Floating window
  • Change Smart Wall Monitor Camera

Wall plugin focuses on

  • Receiving commands from Client plug-in
  • Listening Control Center

Technologies Used

  • C# 3.5 & SQLLite, MIP SDK3.6
  • Milestone Smart Client
  • XProtect Enterprise


  • Gain instant situational awareness by assisting surveillance operators focusing on the important matters
  • Meet defined surveillance situations in conjunction with specific incidents, nightshifts, focus areas, etc.
  • Consistently present video content across multiple video walls and individual users using the Smart Client
  • Increased operational efficiency

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  • Cutting-edge Business Products
  • Creative Design Solutions


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