Onsite-offshore model for software product development

Onsite-offshore model has been the mostly adapted method in recent days for the development of complex projects and also for projects likely to run for longer periods. In addition to that this model will be a cost-effective solution and this is the most successful and popular outsourcing models employed today in many companies.

On the other hand this is considered as the hybrid of both Onsite and Offshore models significantly used for optimizing the efficiency and cost of software development. Enables to afford a better communication mainly for long term projects, It will be is also beneficial to provide changes in the specifications of the developing software frequently ,as an on-site team is available to analyze the risks in advance and to take steps to mitigate them. So with this model the output will be with best technology, thus this model presents a very efficient and cost effective way for software development.

Onsite-offshore model for software product development include

  • Software application development
  • Testing (Structural, functional and user perspective)
  • Add on applications
  • Migration/ Porting
  • Sustenance (Maintenance/ Enhancements) Customized software development

Advantages of having an Onsite/Offshore Delivery Mode

  • Responsiveness to client's requirements will be faster with onsite/offshore center
  • It will be more advantageous in software development to have an offshore delivery model
  • Development process can be controlled up to a certain limit.

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