Methods for Increasing App Engagement & User Retention

Based on a recent study

  • Every installed apps were opened only 10 times per month
  • 10% – 60% is the average retention rate after one month of app install
It’s now becoming a great challenge for many businesses to achieve adequate mobile app engagement and retention rates. In fact, user abandonment has increased to 25% from 20% in 2014. Furthermore, if an app is opened only once in 7 days, there is 60% possibility thatit will never be opened again.

The biggest challenge after developing and launching a mobile app is assuring that your users continue to use the app beyond the initial install. Keeping the churn of users as minimum as possible is what user retention, making sure that users who download the app will continue using it what engagement.

Whilst user engagement and retention is significantly a vital data point, in this article we have disclosed the important methods to increase app engagement and user retention that helps businesses to have greater ROI.


Engagement doesn’t mean sending a bi-weekly mass email or other notifications. In fact, that would be reinforcementand not being valued individually. Customer engagement nourishes only with personalized communication strategies like:
  • Discover who your targeted users are
  • Segment them by their needs and behavior
  • Determine what strategy will be suitable for the user
  • Engage them in the way they feel comfortable
Satisfied and engaged customers generate 1.7 times more revenue than normal customers


Regular updates in the app will be a key to retain users. Every user prefer to use an app that they feel is progressing, and expect features and design to evolve if they are to be using the app long term. Responding to the feedback provided by users will turn into a product improvement and that ensures your customer will be with you.

Mobile Personalization

Personalization helps to provide more unique, relevant experience to the user. The more aligned the experience is with a user’s needs and preferences, the more likely they are to continue to use the application.

Value addition

To drive engagement and retention, providing users some attractive offers to use your app can go a long way. Mobile specific rewards, coupons, specialized content access,special promotions, and other offers will help to drive conversions, encourage engagement and automatically retains customers.

The above methods can significantly improve user engagement and retention to ensure that your application has impact in the highly competitive app landscape. To know more about mobile application development and retention techniques Contact us.

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