How raise of Android platform helps your business

In today’s fast paced business world, it is essential to stay in touch and have access to business documents and functionality anytime, anywhere. Mobile devices with all required apps now have transformed the new way of accessibility and flexibility for day-to-day business users, this lets to be connected and engaged with people.

“According to a recent research 82% of business owners rely on android mobile apps as their main source of business growth and they believe these apps are perfect for increasing customers”

Work and personal life, lines have blurred now. Today many people have started to make use of same devices for personal purposes and work. Anywhere and anytime, everyone’s need was to have an easy access to share, edit and collaborate files that matter to them. To perform the task and working functions easily Android business mobiles will be the right choice.

How Android apps helps business

  • 60% of consumers search for local businesses on their smartphone
  • 70% of all searches on mobile result in action within an hour
The above statistics clearly states that business apps will be the perquisite factor for many business, Business apps developed in Android platforms will be more beneficial. Seamlessly people who use Android phones and tablets can navigate between personal and work files within the same app. In past, mobile app and mobile website creation wasn’t always affordable. Nowadays, mobile app creation has become easier and more affordable, more and more, SMBs are entering into the competition designing mobile apps that compete with their larger counterparts.

Business mobile apps in android platforms will have easy access to

  • Place orders and pay through their app
  • Collect rewards points and incentives
  • Get simple customer service
  • Location-based offers
Business owners who strive to offer their customers with mobile app must consider these important aspects of designing by having something interactive and will benefit their customers like ease and convenience, easy promotion and marketing, customer service, self-service ability and location based marketing,etc.

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