Create mobile apps to engage your stakeholders

Why mobile phones

A recent statistical data shows that - “There are 6.8 billion people on the planet in that 4.0 billion own a mobile phone

Mobile phones now became the never to avoid device in today’s everyone life, and also many people have opted to go for any information search with their mobile devices. This increased the mobile searches and mobile phone usages to a greater extend as this provides all required information on hand.

Why mobile apps to engage stakeholders

"Google recently stated that -Mobile searches grow by more than 400% over the past years"
Mobile apps developed today, will be able to gather and deploy a wide range of information about products, solutions etc., even user details made available in mobile apps will be a useful and engaging aspect for many marketers, to know more and deliver their stake holder requirements like what, when and where  they want it.

With mobile apps it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the data available, this has been carefully segmented with data and this will enable marketers to group different user profiles and push out targeted content to people who want to hear it most

How to create mobile apps to engage your stakeholders

If stakeholders are well-engaged with all their requirements, they can make timely decisions, so that the team can be able to prioritize work, get on with delivering value for the company. With more projects being completed successfully, this becomes a positive cycle for the function in terms of credibility within the business. Key stakeholders can also be updated with interactive information on the projects during meetings, or even drill into projects details themselves on their mobile devices, engagement and credibility will further increase.

The ability for senior stakeholders to monitor the procurement function KPI’s such as spend under contract, and savings target progress, will take stakeholder engagement to another level.

Mobile applications designed for procurement related data can provide this meaningful, interactive information at the user’s fingertips.

Steps to be followed in creating a stake holder engaging mobile app

  • Utilize the latest and most successful technologies being adopted with mobile integration
  • Understand the customer requirement for a mobile context and discover how to deliver
  • Keep updated and engaged with all latest strategies via mobile devices
  • Be engaged with all stakeholders by understanding their needs
  • Clear key analytics of Metrics, KPIS and Tracking Platforms
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