Business Focus: iOS vs Android mobile apps

Smartphones and smarter OS today has seen the emergence of utility & productivity tools, data-editing apps, games and much more. From small to large organizations mobile apps have brought a remarkable growth in business operations and customer services. Mobile apps make it simpler for organizations to reach their customers instantly at the times of need. App marketplaces (App store for iOS and Play store for Android) made it easier for users to get any application at their fingertips and stay updated.

Developing a business mobile app has become a best practice among business owners but the platform in which the app has to be designed and developed is still in dilemma with some business owners, this is because many users started to use both iOS and Android devices.

Here we have disclosed some advantages of developing mobile apps in iOS and Android platforms

Advantages of having iOS apps for businesses

  • Applications respond to multi finger gestures design and gives a better user experience
  • iOS phones are with perfect hardware, excellent customer support and flawless software. Each and every iOS app works fluidly on an iPhone providing a great user experience
  • Attracting new customers is always crucial for any business. IPhone-an attractive device for Tech Savvy audiences. With a well-developed and feature rich iOS app, businesses can enhance their reach for such people
  • Designing an iOS app for a business is an innovative way to present the business offerings that can further enhance brand recognition
  • iOS apps always stay safe from external threats and provides strong shield for virus and malwares, making it a perfect choice for business app development
  • iOS apps have the ability to cater to the investment worthy clients and increases the reach of business with enhanced value
  • The market image of iOS supportive devices like iPad and iPhone is making them increasingly important to improve business sales and productivity, and choosing this platform for business app will be a wise choice

Advantages of having Android apps for businesses

  • Every business can customize an Android application on the basis of its in-house operations
  • Android apps are cost-effective means for building brand to a business
  • Android apps are not specified to limits so developers can implement their creative ideas and make application even more interactive
  • Android platform is the best mobile platform for inter-application and inter-process architectures
  • Android applications to boost business reach worldwide. The platform is made available to every user so that businesses can customize it as per their requirements and get apps that suits their needs
  • Android platform doesn’t differentiate phone’s core applications and third-party applications, all will have equal access to a phone’s capabilities providing users a broad spectrum of business applications and services
Both iOS and android apps have equal demands in market, for notable achievement and develop your business get your apps available in both platforms, We @ ANGLER has the capability of developing feature apps compatible for both iOS and android mobiles. To know more about our solution offerings, visit our exclusive mobile app development website or leave us an enquiry lets discuss the app.

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